What is Bazooka Ball?​​

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The award winning combat game that fires soft, 2 inch foam balls from a regular paintball gun. Safe for all ages and fun for everyone!
Have you ever played paintball?! Bazooka Ball is the same concept.
  • There are 10-12 players per 12 minute game
  • Participants will enter the briefing area where they will suit up with equipment, which includes: a mask, a paintball gun with two (2) attachments (a Bazooka Ball barrell and air tank).
  • The game attendant will explain the rules, while making sure all players understand those rules before everyone enters the arena. 
  • Once players are in the arena, the 10 minute game will start.  
  • When the game is over, the timer will beep and a whistle with sound indicating the game is over. The game attendant will lead all players back to return their equipment.  to the vesting rooms to return game equipment.